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Posted By Ken Walker

This is a list of things that I think need to be done to get our web site into shape.  There will be things I will add to the list when I think of them, things I will change as we go along and probably things that will disappear from the list.  I can take care of the structure and adding things to the site but content should come from our committees and our members.  Several members have provided photos and some suggestions.  Those are useful, but what we really need along with those suggestions is some content, some text, that can go on the site.  Things like a pitch for people to join, a description of community service projects, something about the fun we have, and other ideas to come.  This content can bring our members to use the site, can interest potential new members to join us and can promote our presence in the community.  Some of that will come with things we add about what we are doing as we go along largely through the Scuttlebutt but the static pages such as the pages that the feature banner Read More links lead to need some good content. 

Anyway, here is my todo list:

  1. Making the site go live: By this I mean pointing our URL to this site.  When that has been done, the temporary hostgator link will disappear and the old web site will become the one that has a complicated address.  Since the old site is not really being used, I have decided to do this soon.  Unless you see this post in the first day it is up, it should already be done by the time you are reading this.
  2. Events:
    1. The Events page needs a lot of work.  The list of events needs formatting for layout and content and I have to figure out how to get it to tell the viewer more about what each item is. I am working on that.
    2. This can be a very useful feature of our web site.  The key to that is adding the Events to it so people come to know that it is the place to see what is going on.  Once it is all set up and people get used to relying on it it can do things like this:
      1. Events can have a registration page so people can RSVP by clicking a button on the event display replacing the lists we hand around at meetings.  The event organizer can see the list.  If something about it changes, it is easy to notify everyone who has registered.
      2. This could also be used for public events.  It can be set up so the public can register and even buy their ticket on the website.
      3. There are other things that can be explored as well, in due course.
  3. Member directory: 
    1. I need to add users and add all of the data we currently see in our member roster.  That will take several hours.  If someone wants to take that on, I would give that person the necessary data and detailed instructions.  That would be a big help. 
    2. I have had several suggestions about what data should appear in the directory.  Several have said Classification should appear.  That will turn up when the data is entered.  One said email address should show up with permission only.  We could go that way although this page can only be seen by our members so I would think that wouldn’t be needed.  I will need to dig in to the details of how to change what shows up in that report.  That will happen, but it may not happen right away.  It should also be set up so there is a way for people to print out the list if they want a paper roster. Or does that matter?
    3. In our current database, I would say former members outnumber current members several times over.  I am not sure what to do with that data,  The same question will arise for future former members going forward.
  4. Front page:
    I am going to get rid of some of the boxes down the right side of the page.  They are really just there to see how they work.  The sliding banner at the top has some items that have been added recently.  We need more.  We need to decide what else goes on the main part of the page.
  5. Rotary House:  It you put Rotary House in the search box, it will take you to a page about Rotary House that is pretty much just a reformat of what we had on the old site.  The content there may need to be updated.  We need new photos of the building exterior.  I am thinking this should be an item on the menu bar at the top of the home page.  Or if we really want it front and centre, it could be planted in the centre of that page, depending on what else is to go there.
  6. Add a “What’s New?” page: Somewhere, maybe on the top menu, I want to set a button or a menu item that takes viewers to a page where they can see what is new on the site, recently posted Scuttlebutt, recent comments, recently added events and maybe other recent things as well.  The old site sent email notifications for each item added to everyone.  I think people thought that was ok when they were notified that Ed had posted a new Scuttlebutt.  But when one of us went in and added 7 new programs, and they got 7 emails, maybe not so much. Rather than bombarding everyone with emails, the idea would be that when there is something people will actually want to know about, we send them an email with a link to the What’s New page.
  7. Replacement for our forums from the old site:  WordPress uses “pages”, for static stuff, like the Rotary House page but most of the content on the site will be posts, like this.  Any of our members can add a comment, enquiry, brickbat or bouquet and it will show up as a post.  The Scuttlebutt will be a post, but it will be labelled with the category Scuttlebutt so it can show up on a page that lists the current and past editions.  We will also have a category, name yet undecided, that will be for anything that needs to be considered by the club executive.  WordPress takes care of putting these in an achive so you can see the ones for a particular month.  We will set up tags as well so some will be labelled with a Community Service tag or a Financial tag.  A tag cloud will develop on the home page where you can click on, say, the International Service tag and see everything that has that tag.  These tags and categories as they relate to our executive meetings will be set so they are private so only our own members can see them. 
  8. Moving posts from the old site to the new site:
    We are working on this.  There is a lot of stuff.  We are trying to come up with an automated way to do it.  Hopefully we will work that out so that the old site can be shut down and things we might want from it will be on the new site. 
  9. Facebook/Twitter:  The club has a facebook page and a twitter account.  I think we should have a box on our home page for each of these accounts that displays what has last turned up in each of those streams.  We should also have buttons on each post to the web site that can be clicked by the user to post a link to our content to that user’s facebook or twitter timeline.

There are probably other things I will add to this list.  I encourage everyone who reads this to respond and provide your suggestions or content contributions.


 So those are the things I can think of right now that need to be done.  I hope people will let me know

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