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Posted By Ken Walker

I have been asking for suggestions and content to add to the slide show banner that runs across our home page. 

Don MacPherson has come up with some stuff about MIG that is good including an interesting 6 year history of MIG projects, that we have supported. 

Sprucing up the town

Sprucing up the town

We have some photos under club projects that Mike Haas has provided which is a good start on a key item but some text that outlines what we have done as community service over the last couple of years is important information for anyone checking us out.  We have done a lot.  We need to tell the story.  Is there someone on the Community Service committee that could put something together?  A few paragraphs, a list, not a big job.

I took down the Roses item.  It was only there as an example. It should be replaced with a topic about fundraising.  It could include photos of the various ways we do that, maybe information on what we raise. Again, it is only a few paragraphs of information.  We have the photos in our photo archive.  Someone reminded me that we want a graph or a pie chart of what the sources of our funds are and another showing what we do with the money.  It would have a place in the same topic. That would be a great transparency effort for those supporting us and is something members have been asking for.  That part might be a task for our Treasurer.  We also need someone to take on putting some text describing what we do for fundraising.  Who can take that on?

DSC01375One member has suggested we have a topic about fellowship and social events.  I think that is essential.  People thinking of joining will be motivated by the fact that we have fun as a group and it is important to our members.  We need someone to do a short article about fellowship in our club, the kinds of things we do, the friendships, the fun.  Who will take that on?  All I need is the text, we have lots of photos for this one..

The piece I whistled together for Polio Plus is a start. Once the excellent article about the status of that project in the Rotarian is no longer a current edition, we may be able to find a link to that.  It is a topic that deserves more than the few minutes I put into the piece that is there.  It would be great if someone wanted to take on updating, editing, adding to or even replacing that piece.

A topic that focuses on the District we are part of would be worth having.  I am not sure what that would look like, but someone in our club who has lots of experience at the District level would be the person to do that, hmm, wonder who that might be?

Over time, a lot of the content on the site will be Scuttlebutt editions, executive meeting reports and they will be very accessible here.  I am hoping that Rotarians will catch on that something they want to pitch to the members, an event they are organizing, something they put together for a Rotary minute, or any other little snip of Rotary information can easily be turned in to a post for our web site.  In fact, putting what you want to say in an email to me will get it done for the first while.  It isn’t hard to add these things so people should give that a try too.  Once we get this rolling, I will help users with that process.

There are lots of possibilities here.  Once there is content on the site, users will discover that it is very easy to find what they are looking for, or to go on a general “what’s going on around here” quest for information.  Our members and those who visit our site will find it easy to share the things they find on facebook and twitter.  That will bring other visitors to our site.  If we do the work to make it interesting, it could turn into something very positive for our club.

By the way, I would like to thank the several Rotarians who have provided suggestions on which this post is based.  You know who you are!

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