October 2015 Community Service Report

Posted By Susan Stark

October 2015 Report for Community Service



Community Grant for Trillium Lodge—Sleeper Chairs

The chairs are in place at Trillium Lodge.  We are just waiting on the grant cheque.  We should purchase a plaque to be placed on the donation wall within the Hospice wing.


Coats for Kids and Folks

The project is done for this year.  12 people came to SOS to pick up coats on the Saturday distribution day.  At our first meeting in August we discussed discontinuing the Saturday distribution day based on the turn out this year.  Less coats were donated this year than in the past.  Approximately seventeen agencies and schools received donations.  The coats were all distributed yesterday by volunteers from both our club and the Parksville AM one.  We had a wonderful group of volunteers from both clubs put in time and effort.


Storybook Village

The paperwork with the union is all signed.  A photo op for promotion purposes is being planned for Tuesday, October 27th during the Spooktacular event.  Our first clean up –  sweat equity project will be set for some time this week.  It would be great to set a monthly date going forward.


Spooktacular—Storybook Village

Judi Malcolm from Building Learning Together approached us regarding participating during their Spooktacular event on Tuesday, October 27th from 5:30 until 7.  I volunteered us to do an activity in one of the buildings.  George Venner suggested putting up one of our rotary tents and serving coffee to the adults in attendance.  He said it would be a good opportunity to promote Rotary and our club.  We are going to do both for the event.  An email will go out tomorrow to round up more volunteers.

Christmas Home Tour

This years tour is scheduled for Saturday, December 5th.  The first person to volunteer their home has requested  notification by the end of October as to whether the Home tour is going to happen.  We have one more week to round up houses before we have to decide to cancel for this year.  We have only two houses at this point.


Susan M Stark

Director, Community Service




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