Membership proposal process

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Here is what our bylaws say about how new members are brought into the club.


Section 1 Proposing a Member
1.1 The name of a prospective member, proposed by an active member of the club, shall be  submitted to the membership committee chair by means of a Membership Proposal form.  A transferring or former member of another club may be proposed to active membership  by the former club. The proposal, for the time being, shall be kept confidential, except as  otherwise provided for in this procedure.

1.2 The membership committee chair will report to the board on the eligibility of the  proposed member from the standpoint of classification and investigate and report to the board on the eligibility of the proposed member from the standpoint of character, business and social standing, general eligibility and completion of the Proposed Membership  Indoctrination.

1.3 The board shall consider and approve or disapprove the recommendations of the membership committee chair and shall then notify the proposer, through the membership committee chair, of its decision.

1.4 If the decision of the board is favorable, the proposer, together with the membership committee chair shall inform the prospective member of the purposes of Rotary and of the  privileges and responsibilities of membership in the club, following which the prospective member shall be asked to give permission for his/her name and proposed classification to  be published to the club.

1.5 If no written objection to the new member proposal, stating reasons, is received by the Membership Committee chair from any member of the club within seven (7) days   following publication of the name of the prospective member, the prospective member upon payment of his/her prorated annual dues and admission fee, as prescribed in Article  17 Section 2, 2.1 of these bylaws, shall be considered to be elected to membership.

1.6 If any unresolved objection has been filed with the membership committee chair, the board shall consider the same at any regular or special meeting of the board and shall vote on the proposed member. If not more than two (2) negative votes are cast by the members of the board, the proposed member, shall be considered to be elected to membership.

1.7 Following the election, the membership committee chair shall arrange with the president for the induction of the new member; the club secretary shall issue a Membership Card and Welcome Kit and shall report the new member to the General  Secretary of Rotary International.

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