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Before we began to develop the new web site Ed Fougner gave me the attached document entitled “Communications- Website and Social Media Discussion”.  I am not sure of the source of the document.  It refers to our 2009 strategic planning meeting so it may be the followup session done last year which I was unable to attend. I understand it to be a statement of the objectives the website is intended to meet.   What follows are my comments, referenced by the paragraph numbers in the document, about each of the policy statements it contains.

1.  At this point, we have been adding club documents to the site since it was started.  What members see posted in the last month shows how we plan to deal with this.  Despite the suggestion that director’s reports need not be included, we are continuing to include those reports.  The minutes often refer to the reports and if they were not included, the content of the reports would need to be repeated in the minutes.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to gather up all of the content of the old web site and save it for reference.  I will add minutes and reports from the last 2 years to the new site and I will add documents such as bylaws, rosters and the like that may be useful.  All of this content will be marked private so only members who are logged in have access to it.

2.The events calendar is operational.  It is open to public view by default.  Individual entries can be set Private so only club members can see them if need be.  We have not set up a links page.  We can do that if it seems to be needed.  I will leave that for now unless someone requests it.  The Club newslettter is being posted online.  Our Scuttlebutt editor, Ed Fougner, and I are setting up a time to get together and work out how that will be done on the new site.  There is an example of how it might look that I did using Ed’s content for the January 21, 2014 edition.

3.  The goal here is to have an attractive information site for prospective members that interacts with Facebook and Twitter.  We have that now.  As to having a more complete membership section with links, I need something more specific about what is intended.  We do have a private membership page which will be our roster of members.

4. As to item 4, I believe that what we have done so far moves us towards these goals.  Feedback, criticism, ideas and suggestions from members (or others for that matter), about how to move forward are sought.


Ken Walker


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