Attendance Make Ups

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What is an attendance make up?

The Rotary constitution and our bylaws require that we each attend or make up attendance for at least 50% of the regular meetings of our club in each half year and that we actually attending no less than 30% of our own club meetings in each half year.  Our club no longer reports our attendance to the district.  We no longer keep track of attendance in our club.  Nevertheless, the requirement that our members participate in Rotary does exist and being able to make up for a missed meeting by attending a meeting of another club helps us do that.

Why do we do attendance makeups?

Each Rotary club is unique.  By attending meetings of other clubs you will see there are many different ways to do the things we do and you will see clubs doing things we don’t do. 

When you visit another club, you will find yourself sharing information about projects.  Sharing those ideas benefits both us and them.

I have attended Rotary meetings in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Iceland, Hawaii and in other US states.  There is no better way to feel welcome in an unfamiliar community than to be welcomed by a group of ready made friends in a familiar environment.  Even meetings conducted in a language you do not understand will feel familiar.

Here is a tip: Traveling with other members to make up a meeting at another club is a great way to expand the fun and fellowship.

New members in particular are encouraged to visit another club.  It used to be part of the familiarization process that the sponsor of a new member would take that new member to visit another near by club in their first few weeks of membership.  We should bring that back.

Membership in Rotary is a worldwide passport to fellowship.

How do I know where other clubs meet?

If you want to visit a club in District 5020, the district website is the place to go.  On their front page, there is a link Where and When Clubs Meet or this will take you right to it:

For clubs anywhere in the world, go to and click on the Club Finder link at the top of the page or go direct to:

Or, if you use an iPhone, and Android phone or a Blackberry there are mobile apps for your phone that give you all of the information you need to find other clubs anywhere including contact information for the president and the secretary.  For more information see:

Another option, you can attend a meeting of an online Rotary club.  There is information on the Rotary web site about E-Clubs: 

E-Club One was the first online club.  There are many others as well.  You can make up for a missed meeting by participating in their club online at:


For more information, here is an excerpt from our New Members Handbook for more information about the importance of attendance:


One of the responsibilities of every Rotarian is attendance. Attendance at your home Club is important to you and to our Club. Regular attendance is a direct measurement of your interest and support of our Club, and it keeps you informed of upcoming projects, events and business. 60% of your total attendance must be attained through home Club meetings. Several of our members have 100% attendance.

The Program Chair is responsible for arranging interesting speakers.  It is encouraging for them to present to a full room of Rotarians rather than a small number. Learning is a lifelong experience and this is another plus to being in a Rotary Club.

If you do find yourself uninterested in attending regularly, speak to the President.

You will hear a great deal about make-ups. This term is applied to your attendance at other Rotary Clubs when you have been absent from a regular meeting of our Club. You must attend a make-up within two weeks (either side) of a missed meeting. It is your privilege and duty to do a make-up by visiting a regular meeting of another Rotary Club anywhere in the world. To locate area Club meeting times and locations visit the club website at and click on Links tab where you will find a link to information about where other Rotary clubs meet. We all have such busy lives that Rotary has recognized this and now offers make-ups via Internet.  New members are often pleasantly surprised when they travel to other places in the world and do a make up.  Membership in Rotary is a worldwide passport to fellowship.

Rotary stresses attendance purposely and deliberately. Rotary International has a regulation providing for the automatic suspension of any member after four consecutive meeting missed and not made up, unless specifically excused by the Board of Directors. Also any member dropping below 60% for any six-month period must be automatically suspended; a member may request a hearing before the Board of Directors for reinstatement.


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