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Posted By Ken Walker


Web site briefing

There were 7 or 8 of us at Rotary House today.  We spent about 2 hours demonstrating the new web site.  I think it was a useful exercise.  We will do it again at 7 pm Wednesday March 5.  For those who were there today, I have made several changes to address things that came up during the session:

  1. The Share button on the bottom of each post has had several changes.  I made it one size smaller.  I took off the option to share posts to Pintrest and LInkdn.  If anyone uses those, I can add them back.  But you will also notice that there is an email icon in the share bar and a print icon.  The email icon should open your email program with a link to the post you were in when you clicked it so you can just add an email address and send the link.  The print icon should print the post.
  2. When you are on the Post page or in a post, you should now have a New Post button just above the Archive link.  Give it a try, add a post to the web site.
  3. I got rid of News and Updates from the top menu.  Posts is where you should look for recently added content. 



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