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Posted By Ken Walker

What follows is a message I have sent to the members of our club.  Responses or comments are welcome from any who come across this post.


Hello Sunrisers

I spent some time today tinkering with the club web site.  Most of the changes are small ones intended to make it a bit more functional especially for prospective members or others looking for information about our club.  The impetus for this wee effort is the magazine label project:

Since those who type in the URL they see on the labels or scan the QR Code will arrive at our home page, George Venner put together some good teaser content there that has bumped information about Rotary House further down the page. In the course of this, there are several things that occur to me that would benefit from feedback or contributions from our members:

1.  We need information about upcoming speakers so that the calendar on the home page has content in it.  What is coming up this week is the main thing that brings our members to the web site.

2. We need public posts from the various committees.  Directors should think about events, projects, discussions that they are dealing with and provide a paragraph or two of text and a few photos or links and put them in a post. It isn’t just directors, they are all busy already,  any member can and should add a post about our club activities. We do lots of good work.  Lets toot our own horns and create a record of what we do by posting it on our website.  Its not complicated at all once you have done it once or twice but if that is the barrier, just email it to me and I will put the post up.  We need to tell our story.

3.  It would be really helpful if 2 or 3 of our members clicked and browsed around on the web site quite thoroughly and came up with things like, add a link to this from here, add something that does this, put this picture on that post, that sort of thing.  We don’t have a lot of content on the site but we do have some good stuff and we need to organize it so people find it easily.  I would really appreciate some help tuning up how it all links together.

4.  We have several new members in the club.  If you joined in the last year, could you tell me when you first saw our web site, what you wanted to find there but didn’t and add that to any other suggestions you have?   and email or talk with me about it?

5. On the front page, you will see this:

Like other Rotary clubs, we organize what we do into four avenues of service.  They are

The links to Community Service and Vocational Service take you to permanent (until we change them) pages about that Avenue of Service.  Right now, we have two. They are both useful but I would encourage the current directors to review them with their committees and either update them or give me any suggested updates.

As to Club Administration and International Service, we don’t have pages from these committees.  International has provided lots of content on its projects, but the general page is something we still need.  If Stuart and Don could give some thought to this and put someone in their committees on the job, it would be useful.  For examples, click on Community Service or Vocational Service above.  These are good. They give those who come to our web site a sense of what that committee does.  We need 4 out of 4 to make it complete.  Unlike posts, which are point in time kinds of thing, these are fixed pages that should tell anyone who wants to know what that committee does, its plans, its history or some combination of those things.  Posts scroll off into history, we don’t need to update them.  Pages are reference information that we need to update from time to time to keep it current.

6.  To have our our web site feel current, we need posts.  These are quite easy to do.  Every member of the club can do them. If your (grand)children aren’t handy to walk you through it, I can help.  Each should be tagged with a category for one of our Avenues of Service or some other useful category.  If you click on the More links in item 5 above you will see the posts on the web site for that Avenue of Service.  If you are logged in, what you will see includes private posts that are only visible to members.  The titles to those start with “Private:”.  There are not a lot that are not private.  The Posts button in the menu bar at the top will always take you to all of the posts on the site.  Please think about adding a post.  Yes, you.  Members adding their notes of a project or event, their thoughts about something relevant to Rotary or just about anything that would interest our members, our prospective members or our community are welcome here.  Give it a try.  You won’t break it.  Add a post about what you found interesting at our meeting this week, something you read in The Rotarian, what you think about President Doug’s jokes, whatever you like. If our members engaged with this, our web site would come to life.

These are things that I think would improve our internet presence.  If there are other things we ought to do, please let me know.


Ken Walker
Qualicum Beach, BC
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