Latrine Project Playitas Mexico

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Sanitation, Disease Prevention & Basic Education & Literacy.

At a MIG (Mid-Island Rotary World Community Service Group) meeting in May 2013 it was brought to the attention of the members about the lack of sanitation facilities in school villages located in Cabo Corrientes, Mexico. Working with members of the Strathcona club, it was decided that QB Sunrise would be the lead club for the Playitas village school and the Strathcona & Cumberland clubs would do the same for two other villages. In Playitas, it was decided that we would provide the funding for a Latrine, Wash Station, Shower and Septic Bed, cost not to exceed $5,000 US.

In late April we were informed that MIG would give us a grant providing a DCG (District Community Grant) was approved and we moved forward to obtain a DCG. We officially received grant approval in August 2013. In September we sent money to Mexico ($5,000) via a member of the Strathcona club and work started as soon as the rainy season was over. The project was completed in March 2014.

Contributors to the Project:

District 5020 DCG $2,000

MIG Grant               $1,250

QB Sunrise               $1,750

THe Villagers supplied all of the manual labour; this instils ownership in them.

In addition, QB Sunrise obtained a bus to transport children in the outlying areas of the villages; to & from schools in Cabo Corrientes. An additional $1,000 was spent on school supplies for 50 children and fuel to get the bus to Mexico.

Total Club funds provided was $2,750

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