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Wondering what it is?

Well, that acronym stands for District Leadership Training Assembly. It is an annual District 5020 event that is very useful for incoming and ongoing officers and directors who want to know how to excel in their roles and for all Rotarians who feel a need to find their way around in the Rotary World. Rotarians throughout the district go all out to prepare presentations about every aspect of Rotary. They do a terrific job. It is particularly useful to attend the assembly in the US side of our international district as it offers information from a different perspective than we see here in Canada.

Here is which describes the March 27 – 28, 2015 event at Centralia College Campus Centralia, Washington

You can register here.

In the past our club has picked up the registration cost for members who attend but members pay their own travel and accommodation costs. There is no talk of changing that policy I have heard of.

All members are invited to participate. New members who want to get a handle on things will find this event an inspiring introduction to Rotary. Those who are on the executive next year, especially any who have not been to a DLTA before, really should attend. There are usually entertaining social events at DLTA as well but those attending should expect the focus is on learning about Rotary.

Here are some links to whet your appetite:

Centralia is in South West Washington.

Centralia on WikiVoyage
is a bit thin, but you could add to it if you go. There is more on Trip advisor about Centralia..

If you want to know more about Centralia, check it out on Wikipedia.

The host club is
Rotary Club of Centralia

The City of Centralia has a website.

Who’s going?

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