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International Projects, 2013-14

Donation of $500 to Child Haven International

MVP_image1_jun2012Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino had adopted and brought up 19 boys and girls from 11 countries, most of them from the Far East. Five and a half years ago, when many of their kids were grown up and on their own, they had turned their thoughts to the destitute children of India and together with a Cornwall, Ont., physician, Dr. Natubhai Shah and his wife, Kala, and others, had founded a non-sectarian non-profit organization, Child Haven International.

About 40 percent of India’s population lives below the poverty line; Child Haven takes the poorest of the poor. They are babies abandoned at birth, older orphans (many crippled by polio) and children whose parents are sick, or blind, or too poor to provide them with even one good meal a day. When they grow up, they will join the mainstream of Indian life.

Child Haven currently have 10 homes operating mainly in India, with homes in Bangladesh, Nepal and China (Tibet). Currently there are 900 plus children and over 200 women in the homes. In addition, there are many other children being sponsored for education; the main key to helping people “throw off the chains of poverty”.   



web-ghaz2Approximately 80 disadvantaged women are currently receiving training in tailoring and computer science. Over fifty women, in various parts of India, have been trained as Soya Cow technicians. Literacy classes for village women have been of benefit to hundreds of women thus far.






MVP_image2_jun2012As a direct result of Child Haven’s presence in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Tibet in China, employment has been created for over 70 women at this time. Child Haven Homes employ women as managers, teachers, caregivers, dhobis, cooks, office staff, matrons and health care professionals



Through Manav Vikas Parishad (MVP), a Ghaziabad NGO, Child Haven is operating a Family Planning Awareness program for women. Rajni, one of two Child Haven workers, is winning the confidence of the local women and accompanies individual women to the hospital for Family Planning and other services. There are also literacy classes, a homeopathic health clinic, with a volunteer doctor, assisted by the two Child Haven/MVP women and the Soyacow program, to provide low cost milk and employment to women.

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