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Posted By Ken Walker

Right now we have a menu item called News and Updates and another for Posts. I have a qustion about that, but first it will help to know this:

Other than Events which are a separate type of record, pretty much everything we add to the site will be a post.  Scuttlebutt editions are posts.  Reports of committees for Executive meetings are posts.  This comment is a post.  When a post is added it can be set Private so only members who are logged in can see it (mostly our Executive meeting stuff), or public so anyone can see it (pretty much everything else).  Each post can be assigned to one or more categories.  For example it could be Club Admin or Membership.  There are ways to view posts by categories (see the drop down tool on the home page or look at the bottom of every page in the dark panel at the bottom for Recent Posts or Recent Comments. 

One of the categories is News and Updates.  You can see all the posts in that category by clicking the News and Updates button on the top menu.  The idea is that there may be items posted to the web site that deserve some prominence and will be added to this category.  If it is used and users are in the habit of making that one of the things they check out when they come to the web site, I might be useful. 

On the other hand, it may be that people will just click on Posts.  That displays all the posts on the site, most recent first.  You can scroll through them.  The Archive menu on the right will give us a way to look at posts from previous months or years as we go forward.

We do need the Posts menu item because we need an easy way to see everything.  Somewhere along the way we will need to decide whether we need the News and Updates feature or whether it will be an unused feature. 

Let me know what you think once you get to know your way around the site.  The comments box below would be a good place to do that so others can see what you think.

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